The Association Tool v. (TAT Beta 18)


To install TAT on a Mac


      Download TAT Double click the zip file to decompress it.  Double click the TAT Installexr app to run it. 


      Note: If you are running Mountain Lion (Mac OS 10.8) or later, to make TAT an exception to your security settings, you may need to run the installer this way: press the Control key, click the installer, choose Open from the shortcut menu, and then click Open.


      After you click Finished in the installer, TAT will launch. The first thing to do the first time you launch it is to open the Help menu, choose
The Association Tool Help and open the file TAT Read Me.


What is installed on Mac OS X


      The Association is installed in your Applications folder. Depending on your Finder Preferences, you may or may not see the .app extension.

      Folder IE21 is installed in ~/Library/Application Support or a similar location. IE21 contains help files and a sampling of standards documents. The easiest way to see these files is to launch The Association Tool and choose The Association Tool Help and ASN Standards for TAT from the Help menu.


To launch TAT on a Mac


      In the Applications folder, locate The Association Tool. Double-click it.


      Note: To avoid having to locate the application in the Applications folder each time you want to launch it, either drag the application to the Mac dock or create an alias on your desktop.


To remove TAT from a Mac


      In the Applications folder, locate The Association Tool. Drag it to the Trash.


      To delete the help and standards files: In the Finder, choose Library from the Go menu. (If you dont see it there, start over and this time hold down the Option key.) In the Library folder, double-click Application Support to open it. If you see IE21 in Application Support, drag IE21 to the Trash.